Saturday, December 15, 2007


I saw the new Gap Donegal Scarf and decided I LOVE it. But... I don't want to buy it, because to just have it isn't enough, even though it's being sold at a reasonable price for a hand-knit scarf, and in a month or two I could buy it on a lovely deep discount. I want to KNIT it. I want to do it myself. I HAVE TO!! It's a fairly simple pattern, and it shouldn't be much of a problem.

Doesn't it look cool? That's the Gap pic... hope it's ok if I use that. If not, here's the link I'll post mine when it's done.

Here's my pattern for it, I'm calling it Braidy. It won't be exactly the same because I believe they used a worsted weight yarn, and 6x1 rib which you might consider, too, adjusting your cables and needle size according , but....


Yarn: wool ease "chunky" I used the "charcoal" colorway.

Needles: Size 11 straights (8.0 mm) (or size needed to obtain gauge - or at least be close)

Gauge: 14st =4 inches in 4x1 rib

BTW... please let me know if you use this pattern... I'm curious if anyone will :)

4x1 rib:
Row 1 - p1 *k4, p1 repeat from *
Row 2 - k1 *p4, k1 repeat from *

Cable sequence :
Row 1: p1, k4p1, k4p1 slip next 5 stitches onto cable needle hold to front of work, k4p1, K4P1 from cable needle. work remainder of row in 4x1 rib.
Rows 2 - 6: Work in 4x1 rib starting w/row 2
Row7: p1 k4 p1, *slip next 5 stitches onto cable needle and hold to back of work, K4P1, K4P1 from cable needle. repeat from * once more, K4P1
Rows 8-12: work in 4x1 rib starting w/ row 2
Row 13: p1, *slip next 5 stitches onto cable needle hold to front of work, k4p1, K4P1 from cable needle. repeat from * twice more.
Rows 14-18: work in 4x1 rib starting w/ row 2
Row 19: work as row 7
Rows 20-24: work in 4x1 rib starting w/ row 2
Row 25: work as row 1

CO 31 stitches.
Work 4x1 rib for 12 inches, then work cable sequence.
Work 4x1 rib again for 3 feet (or 36 inches, if you prefer) , then work cable sequence again.
Work 12 inches of 4x1 rib then bind off rib-wise.

I'm only through the first cable sequence right now but I'll post the picture of my finished object when I get a chance. Enjoy!

More pics:
I'd like to add that I checked out the original gap version (which is for women, and a bit daintier than the one I made) and it's definitely made from worsted, but has the same 4x1 rib. If you're making it for a woman, you might prefer to use a worsted weight yarn, although it'll take an extra skein of it, I suspect. You might also make it a bit shorter, depending on how long you like your scarf, but the one I made was intended for a man.


Joufknister said...

I'm printing it out. My neighbor's son is moving to Oregon and since I just made a scarf for her daughter in WA, guess what? This looks like it would be fine for a mid 20 man/boy, don't you think?

Jenna said...

Totally. Let me know if you notice any errors. I didn't test it with anyone but myself, and obviously since I wrote it, I knew what the plan was anyway, so it'd be great to know if it was written properly or not.

Anonymous said...

how many skeins of yarn did the scarf take? i am guessing 2?

Jenna said...

Yeah, it was less than 2

Tory said...

Hi Jenna: I like the looks of this - I have a hank of hand dyed wool that is approx 440 yards. Do you think that's enough for this project?

Jenna said...

I think if you have the right gauge, it should be. Two skeins of the Lion Brand Chunky Wool-Ease is 306 yards, so I expect it'll work.

knitaroo said...

I love your scarf. I plan to try it in Malabrigo worsted. It'll be narrower, to be sure, but I think it'll be gorgeous. Beautiful job on creating the cables. Thank you, thank you! (I'll post it on Ravelry IF it turns out!)

Jenna said...

Oooh! I'm excited to see it in the malabrigo!

Steffi said...

This is a great pattern! I just printed it out. I'll be doing it in a lighter worsted weight, hope it doesn't turn out to skinny.

Carrie said...

This is a great pattern! I guess I'm only 2.5 years late to the party LOL I'm printing it out and will make it for a gift for a friend. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have had your pattern in my Ravelry queue forever and am finally printing it out. Looks like I will actually be knitting it soon :o) Love the way your scarf looks in the bottom photo.