Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Necessary Evil

Yes, that's right... rolling the tangled yarn into a ball.

Why yarn isn't sold in balls, I'll never understand. By the end of the skein I'm almost always rolling it up into a ball to save my sanity. This is by no means my favorite activity, as you may have guessed. In case you've never had the pleasure, it goes like this

Step 1... notice that the yarn keeps tangling up making you stop your knitting/crocheting/whatever you're doing every few stitches in order to loosen up enough yarn for you to make a few more stitches

Step 2... you decide (after much frustration) that you must put down what you are doing and take on the task of rolling the yarn into a ball so that you may continue in peace and sanity

Step 3... Put down your fun project, and pick up giant knot of yarn. It's important to understand, that by giant knot I don't mean one huge knot but a multitude of knots forming a large conglomeration and that it's sneering at you, taunting you to untie it.

Step 4... start dutifully pulling at the end and wrapping the yarn around your fingers, stopping after practically every wrap to wrestle with said multitude of knots.

Step 5... get frustrated and throw the giant knot across the room screaming profanities at said knot.

Step 6... dig out hard liquor from wherever you're storing it and take a swig.

Step 7... kick giant knot hoping you can badger it into submission

Step 8... take another swig of liquor and turn back to carefully wrapping your yarn into a ball

Step 9... throw yarn across the room and encourage your toddler (or cat) to wander off with it, never to be seen again.

Step 10... sober up and drive to the yarn store for a new yarn that it still beautifully organized into a skein.

Ok, so maybe that's not really how it went, but that's about how it feels like it COULD go......


HLJIzme said...

I see you've mounted a camera in my living room...

Jenna said...

I've done full studies including large sample size...