Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fruit Trees

I got a hot tip that one of our local Lowes had a variety of fruit trees available and I'd love to have some fruit trees in our yard for shade, food, and beauty. So, I lugged my toddlers out there and harassed my husband into meeting us there, anxious to get my garden going. I browsed through the fruit trees they had available, reading tags and dreaming of the delicious fruit I could expect in the next couple years. Then I noticed one thing they kept mentioning on the tags... pollinators. Pollinators? I had no idea what they meant. Like, maybe they mean we need extra bees or something? So, sadly I chose against buying any trees yet because I wanted to do a bit more research.

Here's what I found. It seems that many fruit trees need another DIFFERENT type of fruit tree to cross pollinate in order to get a better yield. Glad I checked. Here's the link for more information on which trees are the best choice for cross pollination purposes.

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